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Moonlight Cinema =)

28 de Junho a 7 de Julho - Quinta das Conchas

CineConchas . org

A Quinta das Conchas pertence à Freguesia do Lumiar, e tem cinco entradas:
a) Alameda das Linhas de Torres
b) Rua Patrício Ladislau
c) Rua Luís Pastor de Macedo
d) Rua Arnaldo Ferreira
e) Av. Eugénio de Andrade

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The smell of books

When I was a little kid my mom read to me before bed.
Actually, I suppose read with me would be more accurate. See, we had a deal. She read the left page and I struggled to slowly read the right, moving my finger over the words, letting her help me pronounce the big ones.
Over time we worked our way through many old collections from garage sales, bookstores, and libraries near our house. We learned about the lives of Mr. Men, Curious George, and The Berenstain Bears.
Sometimes we went to the bookstore on Saturday mornings for a treat.
I always loved walking on those creaky wooden floors, loitering at the big magazine rack, and chatting with the friendly staff covered in glasses, beards, and thick wool sweaters. I would sniff up that heady bookstore air full of fresh paper, cardboard boxes, binding glue, and lingering coffee fumes.
The smell of books reminds me of late nights cramming for biology exams between the library stacks at college. It reminds me of lying on my elbows on a warm beach towel by the ocean on summer vacation. It reminds me of the heavy set of encyclopedias in my living room when I was a kid, the ones I relied on to write last-minute reports on the praying mantis, Nigeria, or the 1972 Summer Olympics.
The smell of books reminds me of learning to read and learning to explore the world.
I love walking quietly through bookstores and thinking of how many stories lie hidden in the pages right beside us. Entire lives have been poured into mapping the Earth and conducting experiments, crafting mysteries and teaching languages, showing us how to cook and garden, and sending us on faraway trips to faraway worlds.
The smell of books is the smell of us all coming together to document, entertain, and explain things for ourselves now and forever. It's a big sniff of humanity, a big sniff os wisdom, and a great big sniff of
in The Book of aAwesome by Neil Pasricha

The little things

domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Faz Música Lisboa!

Make Friends.   Make It Happen.   Make It Outdoors.   Make On Foot.   Make History.   Make Tourism.   Make Now.   Make The City.   Make Sound   Make It Different.  Make Love.   You Make It.   Make The Party.   Make Rock.   Make Fado.  Make Blues.   Make Folk.   Make Erudite.   Make Jazz.  Make.

Faz Música Lisboa . facebook . com

On June 16 from 10:00 to 02:00 in the morning more than 40 artists will perform at strategic points in the city of seven hills. Taking Lisbon as a backdrop will be placed eight stages throughout the city that will cover eight different styles of music. This festival is inserted in the Fête de la Musique, held internationally in June and in 116 countries and 450 cities.

Entrance is free

1. Jardim da Estrela – Música da América Latina
Joint organization from the Casa América Latina and Casa Brasil
10:30 - Workshop: Percussion
11:30 - Workshop: Capoeira with Chá Preto and Abadá Capoeira school
13:00 - Workshop: Forró da Casa do Brasil - with Prof. Henrique Matos
14:00 - Forró de Lampião 
15:00 - Nação Tambores do Tejo
16:00 - Brazilian Popular Music with Pat Escobar
17:00 - Brazilian Popular Music with Karl Robson
18:00 - Pop Rock Brasil with Perigo Amarelo 
19:00 - Samba Pagode with Fafa e Banda
20:00 - to be confirmed

2. Jardim das Amoreiras  – Jazz/Blues
17:00 - Strange Fellas
18:15 - Herzog
19:30 - Thomas Anahory with The Groovy Kind of Band
20:45 - Yellow Dog Blues Band
22:00 - Groove Inc

3. Fundação Arpad Szenes – Vieira da Silva – Classical Music
Concert with support from the Academia de Amadores de Música (time and room to be defined)
Guitar Trio from Academia de Amadores de Música
Ensemble Ad-Hoc
Trio Art’s
Trio Francine Benoit

4. Jardim do Príncipe Real – Musics of the world
18:00 - Quarto Escuro
19:00 - Pas de Problème
20:00 - T3KA
21:00 - Puntzkapuntz
22:00 - Gapura
23:00 - Katharsis

5. Jardim Botânico – Jazz
Concert with support from Onda Jazz Bar /Universidade de Lisboa
15:00 - Novos Talentos
17:30 - Shorterlab – Quinteto (Tribute to Wayne Shorter)
19:00 - Pablo Lapidusas Solo Piano
20:00 - Trio de Victor Zamora
22:30 - The Mingus Project

6. Miradouro de S. Pedro de Alcântara – Rock
19:00 - Os Persas
20:00 - António Fontes
21:00 - Biancard
22:00 - Capitães da Areia
23:00 - Asterisco Cardinal Bomba Caveira

7. Largo de S. Carlos – Fado
From 18:00 to  23:00
Fadistas: Margarida Noronha, Maria Ana Noronha, Rodrigo Rebelo de Andrade, João Guiomar, Gonçalo Castelbranco, Francisco Themudo de Castro e Miguel Marques da Gama

8. Av. da Liberdade – Rock
18:00 - Meu e Teu
19:00 - Ciclo Preparatório
20:00 - Sara Paço
21:00 - Gazua
22:00 - Quarteto de bolso
23:00 - Armada
01:00 - Springshoes (afterhours)

Yeaah! Reboleira City!

Topheadz Paint War Berlin

photos by Kate Bellm, London born, Berlin based photographer.

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Just 'cause...

Desert Flower

"From the Somali desert to the world’s catwalks. When Waris Dirie’s Desert Flower appeared in 1998, the world was shocked. The former supermodel tells her breathtaking life story, describing her incredible journey from a nomadic life in the deserts of Somalia to the world’s most famous catwalks. This was a dream and a nightmare at the same time. In New York, at the peak of her career, she tells in an interview of the practice of female genital mutilation that she had to suffer when she was five. Waris Dirie decides to end her life as a model and dedicate her life to fighting this archaic ritual."

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Six pages and I was hooked

Old, dangerous playground equipment

(…) These days those classic playgrounds sure are hard to come by.
Everything is plastic now, unaffected by temperature, easy to disinfect, and bendable into all kinds of Safe-T-Shapes—the sharp, rusty nail heads of yesterday replaced with nontoxic washable adhesives poured from a cauldron of polymers and Purell. Now not only are our kids getting lame baby-approved fun, but just think what we’re doing to the tetanus shot industry.
Seriously though, new playgrounds sure are terrible. Some experts say that that playgrounds have become so ster­ile and boring that kids just walk away from them, prefer­ring instead to hang out in the weeds by the railroad tracks or throw bottles in the alley behind the pizza place. Children could actually be placed in more danger by these lame plas­tic netherworlds that encourage more video game time in­stead of fresh air and bruising. Another blow to childhood struck by overprotective parents and pesky lawsuits. (…) So please, when you find monkey bars taunting you from ten feet off the ground, extended seesaws that allow for max­imum elevation, and rickety, sagging rope bridges with planks missing, run around like crazy, bump your head a few times, and twist your ankle. Because tell me something—is there anything quite like it?

Intergenerational dancing

(…) Yes, intergenerational dancing is a rare and wonderful thing. It’s a magical moment where boundaries are broken and the thumping power of music sort of sweeps us all to­gether into a tiny little place where everything’s just cast aside in favor of living for the moment.

When you’re awkwardly standing by yourself with a full cafeteria tray of food and suddenly spot your friend waving at you

The dreaded Cafeteria Standalone.
(…) Maybe you quickly glance around the room while pretending to get ketchup. Maybe you walk in a couple of different directions so you aren’t clogging up the lanes or looking too obvious.
But just as you’re beginning to lose hope you eventually see them.
It’s your friend in the distance.
And they’re waving.

When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly

(…) When someone lands on the hotel you just built, the first thing they do is get real quiet and quickly pass the dice to the next player, sort of hoping you don’t notice that they’re squatting on your joint.
But you notice all right.
And maybe you’re even all polite and nonchalant about it too.
“Oh, Marvin Gardens? Hold on a second, wait. Yeah sorry, uh, let’s see here. That’ll be $ 1.200, please.”

Bakery air

(…) It’s a powerful and intoxicating smell that rivals some of the best smells out there: late night summer barbecue, new car smell, gasoline, fresh baby, dare I say it, campfire in the woods. Yes, I went there.

from The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha
obrigada Hugo

And that's why I only use analog! ♥