sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Boom Festival – The Spa of the Elves

«Have you heard about the creatures of the forest?
Well then... in a greenish greener greenwood the trees splash with absolute grenitude! The air sparkles through tiny water bubles and the soil is fresh and fluffy like a soft cotton blanket.
To a careles viewer it might seem that this place is just a forest... but if you give it a closer look... if you pay proper attention... if you close your eyes to smell and listen to the tiny things beyond, you will know! ...The creatures of the forest!
Some live underneath the soil, wich gets them quite brownie and sometimes grumpy. Others fly around trees and bushes. They're really fast and leave a confusing blink in the air. Some others have houses in mushrooms that appear in rainy nights.... And this is just to name a few!
They live here for hundreds of years, studying the forest to the minimum detail.
They're not very fond of humans, but they understood that humans do need their help once in a while... So, rarely, they decide to make a big jurney and join a group of humans who respect the nature and are needed of help.
They haven't been seen for quite a while now, but you know what? I heard they will be at Boom Festival!!»

For the cheeky powers I was conceded
I loudly and noisily invite all elements,
all creatures from the healing and from the sacred,
all humans from the good in need for sacred healing,
And all the nosy harmless ones of the around the above and the underneath
to a memorable gathering of the creatures of the Forest
with the humanity of the future!

Under the full Moon light we will be
in Boom Festival we will see!
So mote it be!

Art Director - Joana Prata =P

O Jardineiro É Jesus E As Arveres Somos Nozes

terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010