sábado, 25 de dezembro de 2010

I just lost The Game =(

The Game has only three little rules.

#1: You are playing the game! You cannot not play The Game, it does not require consent to play and you can never stop playing.
#2: When you think of The Game, you lose The Game.
#3: Losses must be announced to at least one person even if that person doesn’t know The Game.

The origins

The origins of The Game are uncertain. Some players believe that The Game has always existed as an undiscovered concept since the birth of time, such interpretations mean that The Game was never created, only discovered, and, of course, immediately lost. Another theory is that when two men missed their last train and had to spend the whole night on a platform, they tried not to think about their situation and whoever did first, lost. And others may say that it was invented in London in 1996 "to annoy people". The reported earliest known reference on the Internet is from 2002. The idea behind The Game is similar to Douglas Hofstadter’s number P, the number of minutes per month a person thinks about the letter P.

Some other rules

British Prime Minister/ Queen of England/ The Pope – A number of players believe that The Game ends once the British Prime Minister, the Queen of England or the Pope announces their loss on national television. Although we do not believe this will bring about the end of The Game, we do believe that will make lots more people lose.

Chuck Norris - It has been proposed that Chuck Norris is the only person capable of winning The Game!

The Game FAQ

Making one lose

You are now playing The Game!!
Merry Christmas =D
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