quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

First Christmas present arrived mysteriously in the mail today =D - Love you ;) -

Favorite Poems, Old and New
First published in 1957, "Favorite Poems, Old and New" it's an amazing colletions of children's poetry. It has over than 700 classic and modern poems written by poets from William Shakespeare to J. R. R. Tolkien and they are all organized in topics for the various moods and situations =)

The Cupboar - Walter de la Mare
I know a little cupboard,
With a teeny tiny key,
And there’s a jar of Lollipops
For me, me, me.

It has a little shelf, my dear,
As dark as dark can be,
And there’s a dish of Banbury Cakes
For me, me ,me.

I have a small fat grandmamma,
With a very splippery knee,
And she’s Keeper of the Cupboard,
With the key, key, key.

And when I’m very good, my dear,
As good as good can be,
There’s a Banbury Cakes, and Lollipops
For me, me, me.

Thank you Sister =)
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